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Sri Lanka is probably the finest place in the world for a Cricketing Holiday. The island has a long history of Cricket even before it gained Test Status in 1982. The sport is followed by all, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. It is somewhat a religion in this jewel of an island.

Travelon has extensive experience in organizing Cricketing tours for any sort of requirement. So whether it is a cricketing tour for the young cricketers of tomorrow, a company sporting team, a club or First class team Travelon has the skills and resources to service you to the highest of levels. Most recently Travelon provided the services to the Kolkota Knight Riders who ran a 10 day Practice tour in Sri Lanka. Travelon organized the entire duration of the tour which included all transport, accommodation, Grounds, Matches etc.

The island has a number of world-class cricket grounds located in all areas throughout the island. So we could organize a cricketing tour which includes experiences near Golden Beaches, hill country, Cultural sites to name a few. Alternatively you could centre your cricket around one selected area. Budgets can also be worked around with Travelon. So we could either work with tight budgets accommodating your cricketers in Dorm style accommodation or give you luxury accommodation for those of you with higher budgets to work with. We also have access to a large database of cricketing teams here in Sri Lanka so varied levels of competition can also be arranged.

Get in touch with us and lets arrange a Bespoke Cricketing tour tailored to meet all your needs.

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Netball was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1921 by Jenny Grain and Girls High School together with Hillwood College Kandy were the first Schools to play the sport.In later years the game was spread to Girls Schools in Colombo and the rest of the Island.

Now over 2000 Girls Schools and over 50 Clubs play Netball on a regular basis.

Sri Lanka is the reinning Asian Netball Champions and are ranked 16th in the World.

The game is predominately played by girls and ladies and in the pst 5 years mixed Netball too has become popular at Club level.

Leading girls schools play Netball in several age groups namely Under15/17/19 and thereafter the Clubs,Provincial teams,District teams and National level.

The Ladies are keen competitiors and always seek strong opposition and are eager to lift the level of their game.

This provides a great opportunity for Overseas teams to pit thei skills against the Lankan lasses. Their are many very good indoor, outdoor venues around the country and we recomend Colombo, Kandy,Anuradhapura,Galle and Ratnapura as the places to play the game in a spirit of friendship and competition.

Ask us for a detailed program..and we will be happy to arrange your customised tour.


Sri Lanka enjoys an unbroken tradition of 100 years of Rugby. Since the Inaugural Rugby Match was played in 1879. When the Colombo Football Club took on the world on the 30th of June 1879. Since then Rugby has established as a prime sport in Sri Lanka with over 100 clubs and 110 schools battle in it out for supremacy

Many international sevens tournaments have been hosted in Sri Lanka.

Gowns of international standards are located in Colombo and Kandy.

The Rugby season runs between April and September and opposition of clubs and schools are all ways at hand to pit there skills with overseas teams.

Rugby is also played by woman with schools and club teams and enthusiastic woman love the challenge of foreign competition.

In October 2011 the Ginkana Club of Colombo is organizing an International sevens tournament and we would be privilege to accommodate our client teams overseas for this tournament

Come make your next Rugby experience in paradise Sri Lanka



Adding to Sri Lankas multi faceted Basketball...Great interest and intense competition is seen from a Junior level right upto Veterans with many Boys and Girls Schools participating in Tournaments around the Country Schools and Clubs enjoy a number of Tournaments and Events around the year with far reaching areas such as Batticaloa in the eastern Province of Sri Lanka also producing top quality teams.

The Country is blessed with many high quality Indoor and Out door courts are available in the major cities and in recent times Out door night games have proved to be extremely popular.

Sri Lanka proves to be a excellent destination for a Basketball Tour with a difference.....


Sri Lanka then known as Ceylon..was in the top three Countries in World Hockey along with India and Pakistan in no order. In the 1940/1950 Hockey was one of the most popular Sports in the Country and every Boy adn Girl had a a dream to represent the Country. Now the Sport enjoys a fairly good status in Schools, Clubs and many Associations amongst Men and Women Boys and Girls.


Sri Lanka boasts of 2 Astro turf one in Colombo and the other in Matale. The Sport is still played on Grass in many areas of the Country. Youngster start at the age of Under 15 right upto the Veterans....Hockey is played through the year....

So make your next Hockey Tour to Sri Lanka and experience the keen competition of Hockey players of all ages....

Foot Ball

This popular sport the world over was officially introduced as a competitive sport in Sri Lanka in the year 1959. Till then food ball was played as a pastime by many many Sri Lankans around the country. In 1980 the football federation of Sri Lanka was born affiliated to FIFA.

As the sport gained momentum it saw over 600 schools and 600 clubs take to the sport and is played in every nook and corner of the island.

In 1984 woman’s football was introduce and at present 76 girls schools and 16 club teams participate in tournament on a regular basis.

Football now has national teams from under 16, 17, 19, and 20 in regular training.

The best venues for Football in Colombo are the Sugathadasa Stadium, Kaluthara, Baddegana, and City league grounds. In Kandy the Bogumbara Stadium and in Matara the FFSL grounds in Matara.

In recent times beach foot ball for men and woman has attracted a huge following played at some of Sri Lankas best beaches namely Negombo, Kalutara, Matara and Trincomale.

Water Sports


Surrounded by warm turquoise waters of the Indian ocean...Sri Lanka is blessed with over 2000 kilometres of coastline and is a natural haven for water sport enthusiasts.

Sun Bathing, Snorkeling, Fishing, Surfing, Water skiing, Scuba diving, and Wave boarding.Sri Lanka facilitates marina facilities and special Water Sport Centres with modern facilities and equipment.

The East coast boasts of wonderful experiences for Windsurfers, Rafting and Canoeing. Boat cruising allows one to enjoy the scenery of River Banks and the rural life style.

So why wait... A exotic Destination..Sri Lanka is a must visit country

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